How to Attract Positive Energy From the Universe

Are you aware of the consequences of negative energy? It can affect both your mental and physical state. This can eventually take a toll on your health. Has your progression in life been hindered by negativity? Well, it’s time to change up your life. Immerse yourself in positive energy today. Read on to find out how to attract positive energy from the universe.

How Can You Attract Positivity?

If you’re looking to move away from negative energy, then congratulations! You’re in the right place. We have prepared 5 positive energy tips to get you started. By now, you may have noticed that these tips are focused on you. Understand that you must first emit a positive energy, before you can attract positivity. By the way, don’t forget to check GospelThemes for more content like this. Let’s begin.

Be Kind To Yourself

Most times, we allow our expectations to exceed reality. Always remember that you are only human. Refrain from putting too much pressure on yourself. Be kind to yourself, from this day forth. Refrain from beating yourself up over something that “could have been”. Instead, treat yourself with compassion and forgiveness.

Practice Good Posture

This may sound silly but do hear us out! Your posture can tell others a lot about you. Whether you are standing, sitting, or folding your arms. For example, folding your arms indicates that you are closed and unapproachable. By doing so, you may be emitting a negative energy toward others.

You can use your posture to signal others that you are approachable. For example, standing or sitting up straight. Try unfolding your arms and relaxing your shoulders. Soon, others will warmly approach you.

Prioritize Yourself

Start to pay more attention to your well-being and needs. By feeling good about yourself, you start to project inner contentment. Take care of yourself and make it a habit to perform self-care. Prioritizing yourself is also good for your health. Besides, this will positively affect the way you carry yourself. Read more: Can You Use the Secret to Attract a Specific Person

Smile More

Try smiling more. It’s a small action, but trust us, it has a large impact. Over time, you will start to feel better. By smiling, you will appear to be friendlier to others. Allowing yourself to be approachable by others. Besides that, you may also appear to be more outgoing. This will attract positive energy, which you want.

Use Positive Words

The way we communicate can impact the energy we give off. Imagine working on a project that you are not confident in. Avoid saying “I won’t involve myself, because this is not my area of expertise”. Instead, try saying “I am willing to learn although this is not my area of expertise.”. This gives the impression that you are open and happy to learn.

Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is the foundation on how to attract positive energy from the universe. It is the concept or belief that “like always attracts like”. What does that mean exactly? It means that positive thoughts result in a positive consequences. Likewise, having a negative vibe and energy can bring about negative results. Learn more: How to Apply the Law of Attraction in Your Life

How Can You Amplify Law Of Attraction?

By now, you should already have a gist of the law of attraction. But how can you amplify law of attraction? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have prepared a list for you on how to amplify law of attraction. Try them out, and you will soon attract good karma and positive energy:

Act Of Kindness

It costs us nothing to be kind. And yet, being kind brings a great level of impact. Act of kindness can come in various forms. It could be in the form of words of affirmation or kind gestures.

Have you heard of the phrase, “Action speaks louder than words”? Challenge yourself daily to doing at least one act of kindness. For example, holding the door for people. Besides that, you could also try a simple “hello”. By doing so, you may already be making someone’s day.

Avoid Toxicity

Toxic people are experts in manipulation, lies, and acting. They tend to bring you down rather than bringing you up. In the long term, this could cause harm to your health. Instead, you should surround yourself with like-minded people. Be with people who have the same goals as you do. Believe in the power of law of attraction. Cut out all negativity from your life and avoid toxicity.

Be Grateful

There are so many things in life that you can be grateful for. However, the sad fact is that people hardly notice the little things. It’s natural to magnify the negative parts of your lives. That said, you must recalibrate yourself to focus on the blessings of your life.

Practice being grateful with the “21 Day Gratitude Challenge”. Name at least 3 things you are grateful for during the day. By participating in the challenge, you will soon build up a positive habit. It will greatly affect your outlook on life. Don’t believe us? Try it, and you’ll see the results.

Can-Do Attitude

A “Can-Do” attitude opens so many doors of opportunities. It also brings about positive energy to you. People will eventually see your enthusiasm and will to learn. There are many reasons that we pass on life opportunities. But it is mostly due to negative energy.

Manifesting miracles attract positivity. You have to believe in miracles for it to take form. Imagine getting offered a gig as an emcee at a social event. You hesitate due to stage fright. Thinking, only a miracle could save you at this point. A “can-do” attitude grants you space for growth.


Shower yourself with words of affirmation. Stand in front of a mirror and recite positive affirmations. For example, “You are successful”, or “You have a good job” If you’d like, you could also repeat these phrases daily. The most important point would be for you to believe what you are saying.

Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Be positive and keep an “I can” attitude. You can’t always be hiding behind your comfort zone. When faced with new challenges, refrain from saying “I can’t”. You are capable of so many things. Do not block yourself from reaching your full potential. Negativity tends to stunt our growth. Channel the positive energy within you, and all will be fine.

Surround Yourself With A Positive Circle

All beings emit energy, be it negative or positive. Be sure to surround yourself with those who are positive. Normally, negative people will talk you down. Meanwhile, positive people will uplift your spirit. Having a positive circle creates a space that allows you to grow. Your circle should provide positive support and encouragement towards growth.


In short, for you to attract positive energy, you must first emit positive energy of your own. You can do so by detoxing yourself from negative energy. Focus on the positive side of things. Smile more and eventually, you will feel better yourself.

Well, that is all from us on “how to attract positive energy from the universe”. We hope that our 5 positive energy tips were of help to you! Remember also to follow our 7 tips to amplify the law of attraction. And soon, you will feel a positive energy surround your life.

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