Passion Planner vs Law of Attraction Planner

Passion planner is an effective way to de-clutter your mind and stay focused on your present so you can easily connect to your long-term and short-term goals every day. Passion Planner helps you focus on each of your goals so you could take timely actions and have the inspiration to work as you track your progress. 

Let’s go through a passion planner vs. law of attraction planner comparison to find if one has certain improvements over the other one.

The concept of passion planner and law of attraction planner are not entirely different. Both are about keeping track of your work and personal objectives. However, the law of attraction planner is more detailed and also focuses on your attitude and spiritual aspects of life.

When to choose the passion planner

Passion planner may be better suited if you are looking for a travel friendly and more affordable planner. It comes in A4 and A5 sizes in multiple colors and is priced between $30 and $35. In this regard, the law of attraction planner is a little bulkier in size. It’s thicker and heavier. Also, it costs more (little less than $40).

Passion planner comes with both, dated and undated formats. So, if you are just looking for personal reflection and to better organize your work, the passion planner can be a compact and less pricey solution for you. Read more: Does the Law of Attraction Really Work for Love?

When to choose the law of attraction planner

If you are looking for a more in–depth reflection of your life’s journey and want to incorporate spiritual growth as well in your daily focus, the law of attraction planner can be a more suitable tool for you. The idea behind the law of attraction planner is to emphasize on your attitude and positive-thinking habit too along with work and other aspects of your personal life.

This is because the law of attraction can improve productivity by helping you reach a better emotional state. There are video tutorials available on how to fill out the law of attraction planner. It is priced relatively higher, but that’s because it is thicker, with lots of spaces to write, plenty of colors, stickers, and details. Check this: How to Attract Positive Energy From the Universe

The passion planner vs. the law of attraction planner comparison reveals that both can be effective for you if you wish to keep track of your life, work, personal goals and dreams. But there is a slight difference between the approaches in both planners. Law of attraction planner is based on the understanding of how your emotions and attitude impacts your life.

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