Passion Planner vs Law of Attraction Planner

Passion planner is an effective way to de-clutter your mind and stay focused on your present so you can easily connect to your long-term and short-term goals every day. Passion Planner helps you focus on each of your goals so you could take timely actions and have the inspiration to work as you track your progress. 

Let’s go through a passion planner vs. law of attraction planner comparison to find if one has certain improvements over the other one.

The concept of passion planner and law of attraction planner are not entirely different. Both are about keeping track of your work and personal objectives. However, the law of attraction planner is more detailed and also focuses on your attitude and spiritual aspects of life.

When to choose the passion planner

Passion planner may be better suited if you are looking for a travel friendly and more affordable planner. It comes in A4 and A5 sizes in multiple colors and is priced between $30 and $35. In this regard, the law of attraction planner is a little bulkier in size. It’s thicker and heavier. Also, it costs more (little less than $40).

Passion planner comes with both, dated and undated formats. So, if you are just looking for personal reflection and to better organize your work, the passion planner can be a compact and less pricey solution for you.

When to choose the law of attraction planner

If you are looking for a more in–depth reflection of your life’s journey and want to incorporate spiritual growth as well in your daily focus, the law of attraction planner can be a more suitable tool for you. The idea behind the law of attraction planner is to emphasize on your attitude and positive-thinking habit too along with work and other aspects of your personal life.

This is because the law of attraction can improve productivity by helping you reach a better emotional state. There are video tutorials available on how to fill out the law of attraction planner. It is priced relatively higher, but that’s because it is thicker, with lots of spaces to write, plenty of colors, stickers, and details.

The passion planner vs. the law of attraction planner comparison reveals that both can be effective for you if you wish to keep track of your life, work, personal goals and dreams. But there is a slight difference between the approaches in both planners. Law of attraction planner is based on the understanding of how your emotions and attitude impacts your life.

Can You Use the Secret to Attract a Specific Person

The law of attraction otherwise known as the secret can be used to attract different things. Anything your mind is focused on, you will attract it into your life. Now, can you use the secret to attract a specific person? Yes, you absolutely can. You can use the law of attraction to marry a specific person. 

Think about the attributes that you admire in the person and how you would feel when with them. The universe will replicate such thoughts in the mind of that specific person and the feelings will become mutual. Just believe, imagine, and be patient enough for the secret to work its magic.

Can You Use the Secret to Attract a Specific Person

Be certain

Before you use the law of attraction to get the guy you want, be certain that the person is perfect for you. Make a list of all the things you want in a partner and be sure that the person matches all the criteria. 

Then, start to imagine how all these qualities would make you feel in the relationship. Do you see both of you feeling happy and blessed? Focus on what you want and be sure that the person is your type.

Work on yourself

While waiting for the universe to attract that specific person to you, you should work on yourself. You should be lovable and good enough for that person. Use your alone time to better yourself and gain new experiences.

Change any old habits and reflect on the mistakes you made in past mistakes. This type of commitment to become a better person shows the universe that you are ready for a new relationship.

Love yourself

When trying to manifest love with a specific person, you should know that you attract who you are. Self-love is very important in case you didn’t know. Do you have any baggage or trauma that is haunting you from the past? 

Figure out those belittling thoughts and fix them. Let go of all negative emotions and change your self-dialogue. The more you love yourself and accept who you are, the more you attract everything you desire.

Visualize with your senses

If you are trying to use the law of attraction to attract a specific person, your senses have to be in use. Visualize every day by imagining what you want to see, hear, touch, and feel when with the person. 

Get a clear picture of you both in your mind and continue to visualize that image until it feels so real. When you imagine that you are already in a relationship with the person, the universe will make it so.

Believe that it will manifest

So many people doubt “The Secret” and think it doesn’t work. You should know that your mind is powerful and your beliefs determine your life. Don’t be anxious but be grateful for the love that is coming to you. 

Thank the universe for its blessings and prepare for the new relationship you are going to have. Dress up, feel good, do things with joy and you will surely attract that special person if he or she is perfect for you.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction in Your Life

The law of attraction is a universal principle that states that like attracts like. It works in everyone’s life whether they are aware of it or not. Thinking about what you want can help bring it closer to you. The law of attraction can attract money, love and relationships, good health, spiritual awakening, and lots more.

Your imagination controls how well you make use of the law of attraction. You have to first believe that the law of attraction works before you start practicing it. If you don’t know how to apply the law of attraction in your life, here are some steps to guide you.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction in Your Life 

  1. Know what you want

The first step is for you to decide on those things that you want to attract into your life. It could be something minor or a huge breakthrough. Being specific about what you desire will help you visualize it and focus on bringing in to you. The process of imagining is actually very simple. If you can see, feel, touch, taste, or hear it using your mind, then you will have it. 

  1. Vision boards

A vision board will be very helpful especially if you are a beginner trying to understand the law of attraction. It will help you find out what you want. Making a vision board simply involves attaching words and images to the board. These words and images represent what you want to attract and will remind you of them every day.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction in Your Life
  1. Make a gratitude list

While learning how to apply the law of attraction in your life, you will figure out that gratitude plays a very important role. If you are grateful for the things you already have, the universe will want to give you more.

A gratitude list is simply a collection of everything you are thankful for. You can update and read the list morning and night. This keeps you happy and puts your mind in a better position to receive miracles.

  1. Be mindful

Mindfulness is the act of living in the now. It helps you experience the world fully. You are aware of your thoughts and feelings.

You smile, laugh, cry, and live in the moment. You aren’t worried about the future not concerned about the past. You observe without judgment, think about what you want, and correct negative thoughts. This way, you will know what messages you are sending out to the universe. 

  1. Be intentional

With the law of attraction, intention, and action helps to create magic. You have to be intentional with your feelings, thoughts, words, and efforts. With intention, you can achieve your desires much faster. Intention helps to channel all your brainpower and energy into anything you do. Focus and set an intention on every activity you do in order to apply the law of attraction.

  1. Act like you already have it

This step puts you in the correct frame of mind needed for attracting what you want. You no longer think like you want to have it. You believe that it is already yours. You have to actively live out that imagination without any doubt or inhibition.

The law of attraction implies that you have to act as if you have already gotten what you want. This practice helps to reinforce the belief that it is already yours so that you can get it.

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work for Love?

You may be asking questions like “does the law of attraction really work for love?”, “can you use the law of attraction to get the guy you want?” and “can the law of attraction help to manifest love fast?”.

The truth is that you can use the law of attraction to attract anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s tangible or abstract, you just have to put your attention and focus on it. Don’t focus on the fact that you want love, instead imagine how love feels and bask in that feeling. Since you attract what you are, feeling loved makes you receive the love you desire. Thoughts and feelings of love will help you attract the perfect partner for you.

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work for Love?

  1. Be grateful

You have to be grateful every single day for the things you already have and for the things you are expecting. It doesn’t matter if you feel lonely. You can still be grateful for the family and friends that are in your circle.

There’s always something to be grateful for. It could be the things going on well in your life. Just thank the universe day and night. Live every day as if it is your last. Act and talk like you found the love of your life. When you least expect it, the universe will bring the person into your path. 

  1. Practice self-love

The law of attraction works when you start loving and treating yourself better. This involves accepting all of your flaws and weaknesses knowing that somebody out there will love them too. Write down the things you love about yourself and enjoy every moment spent with yourself.

Loving and enjoying your own company lets the universe know that you have so much love to give. Say good things about yourself. Practice positive self-dialogue and be confident. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Treat yourself so good and the universe will get you someone who adores you.

  1. Write down what you want in a partner

Law of attraction love success stories involve penning down and knowing what type of partner you want. How do you want the person to make you feel? What should they look like?

Learn from past mistakes and decide on what kind of relationship you want to have. You don’t need to stress anything or settle for anything less. The universe will align you with the right person when the time is right. Just be patient, trust in the process, and be open to receiving love.

  1. Visualize and feel

While practicing the law of attraction, it’s important to imagine the person in your mind. Think about how the person makes you feel. Think about what you would do with the person.

How would the conversations be? What stories would you share to make them laugh? How would you behave? What sacrifices do you see yourself making? Imagine yourself telling your friends about him or her. Let it be real in your mind. Picture the scenario. Imagine how their kisses would feel. You have to use your mind to activate the possibility of love coming to you before you experience it in reality.

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